Fireworks in Jeopardy? Maybe

# 021aThis stretch of dry weather has been a welcome sight to those trying to get out an enjoy the Iowa summer.  But that might come to an end at a very inopportune time for many area communities.  The next storm system forecast to affect Iowa should enter the state by Sunday.  This could produce showers and thunderstorms, some severe, over parts of the state on Sunday. 

Of course Sunday happens to be the 4th of July, the day when many area towns and organizations plan to shoot fireworks.  It’s too soon to say whether the fireworks are in trouble, but it’s certainly a possibility.  Best advice at this point is to prepare a backup plan if you’re organizing a get together with loved ones outside on Sunday.  Thunderstorms might force your BBQ inside at some point of the day or night.

As for the overall impact of this storms system, we could also see some heavy rain.  That’s a concern for swollen rivers in Iowa.  But the good news is this rain comes several days after our last measurable rainfall.  With waterways getting a break from the raindrops, most areas could sustain 1 or 2 inches of rain before any of it becomes a problem.

As for the inconvenience of rain on Sunday, we’ll continue to keep our eyes on it as well as the threat for severe weather that might come with it.

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