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Winter Weather Advisory

As anticipated, things are starting to become clear on what will happen overnight. The past 24 hours has been a wild ride with the models. Going back to yesterday, they were all over the place with snowfall totals. This afternoon, they are starting to straighten out. This storm system will be intensifying as it moves towards the great lakes region. As it does, rain will then transition over to snow late this evening.

ECMWF Snowfall Totals

ECMWF 12z Snowfall Totals

The models have been in fairly good agreement where the snow will fall late tonight as the cold air begins to move in, and this is across eastern Iowa, mainly along the Mississippi river. Snowfall totals will remain in the 2″ to 3″ range with some isolated 4″ totals. The further west you go, the less snow you will see, if any.

Wind Advisory

Another thing worth noting is the strong winds that will be with us on Monday. Winds will be sustained at 20mph-30mph but gusts will be up near 45mph. A wind advisory has been issued due to this strong wind. The wind advisory will go into effect at midnight tonight and will expire at 6pm Monday.

Iowa Wind Gusts

Wind Gusts Monday

As the winds begin to shift out of the northwest this evening, this will be cooling our temperatures off into the 20’s this evening, with wind chills ranging from below zero to only the single digits.  Highs on Monday will only be in the 30’s, with highs in the 20’s later in the week.

Winter Weather AdvisoryBecause of the light snow and strong winds, a winter weather advisory has been issued for portions of eastern Iowa from 3am Monday to 9pm Monday. This is where 2 to 3 inches of snow will be expected with light sleet accumulations possible as the rain transitions over to snow. The strong winds combined with the light snow will reduce visibilities to below a half of a mile. Initially the snow will melt, but as the surface temperatures begin to fall below freezing, the snow will then begin to stick. As it does, this will make the roads slippery.

We will then get a break in the weather on Tuesday before another clipper system moves through the state on Wednesday. More accumulating snow looks to be possible with this system, so stay tuned for those details.


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