Fields Desperately in Need of Water


The drought continues to worsen across Iowa and the rest of the country.  The latest report by the USDA found more than 90% of Iowa’s topsoil and 89% of the subsoil was either short or very short of moisture.  This severe lack of water is now having an accelerated impact on the health of the crops.

The report finds less than 40% of corn and soybeans are now considered in good or excellent health.  This will have a major impact on yields and, in fact, some corn might not survive the drought.  It’s a dire situation that Iowa shares with much of the country.  In fact, forget 1988, this is the largest drought the U.S. has experienced in nearly 60 years!

Long range models still indicate no change in this pattern either.  Here in Iowa it will remain relatively dry and hot.  That combination will put added stress on the crop and, as a result, added stress on farmers fearing what comes next.

Our next big indicator on the scope of this disaster will come in the form of the drought monitor update on Thursday.  We’ll have more on that as information comes in.

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