Farewell Record Highs, Hello Snow!

img_0983-parking-night-snowfallWe knew it would come and the good news is for many the wait continues.  But parts of Iowa could see its first snowfall this weekend as a storm system’s track will greatly influence what happens in the coming days.

A cold front passed through Iowa Wednesday night, bringing an end to a day that saw record highs in parts of the state. Today much colder air is filtering in and there are signs the weeks to come could bring some very cold conditions to Iowa.

gfs_slp_042mWe begin with Friday.  A storm system enters the Upper Midwest, bringing a lot of rain to the state.  The final track is going to be crucial in determining the impact of this storm system.  At this time it’s expected the low at the center of the storm will pass over far eastern Iowa. 

That’s actually good news for people who hate snow.  If the storm’s track were further east, more of Iowa would see snow on Friday and Saturday.  At this time it appears the best chance for accumulating snow will come in northwest Iowa, especially on Saturday morning.

This snow is not expected to cause any serious problems.  Temperatures should still moderate enough in the daytime that any snow won’t stick around for very long.  On Saturday, more Iowans could see snow from this storm system.  But if that happens it’s expected to be light and not stick at all on the ground, which is still above freezing for now.

gfs_slp_138mThe next storm system comes by the middle of next week when a clipper-type system races in from the northwest.  Depending on the timing and the amount of cold air, some light snow showers may be possible with this storm system.  Again, nothing crippling, but certainly something to watch out for as Iowans see their first snows of the season.

Of course this is a beginning of a big change for Iowa as winter draws near.  Colder air is making its way from Canada where it’s been pooling for some time now.  Overall, high temperatures should remain above freezing for the most part over the next couple of weeks, but as we all know, that certainly won’t last much longer.

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