Farewell Humidity, You Won’t Be Missed

day1fireotlkSee that cold front on the surface map to the left?  It’s a welcome sight for many in Iowa because this cold front will pack a major punch when it comes to ending our hot and humid weather.  Beginning Tuesday, temperatures in Iowa will cool a bit but more importantly dew points and humidity levels will plummet.

This means more comfortable days in the 80’s and much cooler nights in the 50’s, with some areas still dipping as low as the 40’s.  It’s a good thing to have that will give a lot of air conditioners a much deserved break.  This also signals a pattern change that will bring Iowa very tranquil weather for some time to come.  With the exception of general showers and thunderstorms expected tonight and tomorrow morning, the weather pattern looks to remain pretty constant for a little while.

Once this front pushes through, high pressure will dominate the weather picture over the Upper Midwest through the week and weekend.  Not much to talk about this week so beyond the stray storm or two we’ll focus some attention east of the U.S. as the Atlantic ramps up for a potentially busy hurricane season.

avn-lHurricane Danielle continues to gain strength.  At this time it appears the Hurricane will be the first major hurricane of 2010 but shouldn’t affect the mainland.  Besides skirting Bermuda, Danielle is not expected to be a serious threat.  However, if the storm slows, it could sneak under a ridge of low pressure and threaten parts of the east coast next week.  At this time that scenario is highly unlikely but possible.

Forecasters are already watching another wave of stormy weather off the coast of Africa that could form into another hurricane.  Of course this is all preliminary but if this storm forms, It would likely take a more westerly track than Danielle.  Something to watch out for if you have any travel plans or loved ones in the hurricane region.

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