12:00pm UPDATE: Time to Turn Up The Heat

iowa_tmpfThe severe threat for much of the state is easing as the prospects of additional thunderstorm development this afternoon is shrinking. With that in mind, a warm front is beginning to push into the state.  With it comes much warmer conditions as well as a more humid feeling.  At this hour, portions of southwest Iowa are already nearing the 90 degree mark as they are already on the other side of the warm front.

The boundary will continue to push north and will bring these warmer conditions to the rest of the state.  It’s expected that these conditions will limit the ability for thunderstorms to develop both tonight and tomorrow.  Tuesday should bring a drastically warmer day with record highs possible in parts of Iowa.  This will all set the stage for the storm system to sweep a cold front through the state on Wednesday.  But between now and then, most areas should stay dry as the heat and humidity take hold for a short time.

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