EARL UPDATE: East Coast Cutting it Close

It’s going to be a close one when it comes to determining whether Hurricane Earl will make landfall in the US.   Currently, Earl is a category 4 storm with sustained winds up to 135mph. 

At this hour, the storm’s eye is not well defined as the storm weakens a bit. It’s not exactly a good sign because it usually means the storm’s eye wall is merely cycling and should regain its strength over the next few hours.  That would also bring a more pronounced eye at the center of this hurricane.


Taking a look at the storm’s projected track to the northwest, it’s still going to be a very close call for the west coast.  145314W5_NL_smTake a look at the 5-day forecast for the storm.  It still keeps the center of Hurricane Earl away from the east coast, but not by much.  Any deviation in the track could put the storm on land in the Carolinas, or the New England area of Long Island, New York or Massachusetts, maybe even Maine.

Either way, a very dangerous storm to be sure and something everyone along the east coast needs to keep a close watch on this storm.

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