Dual-Pol NEXRAD Radar: 2 Down, 3 to Go


The image above is a look at the new and improved NEXRAD radar this afternoon in LaCrosse, WI.  This radar covers the far northeastern counties of Iowa.  In all, 5 radars scan the skies over the Hawkeye state and they’re all scheduled to receive the important dual-polarization radar upgrade.  Earlier this month, Davenport went live with their new radar and now LaCrosse has joined them.  Radar installations in Des Moines, Omaha and Sioux Falls will all receive their updates in the coming months.

As we’ve said before this is the biggest upgrade to NEXRAD since it was first implemented over 20 years ago.  The new technology allows the radar to scan storms in three dimensions, giving us a better understanding of what’s going on.  It will make detection of severe weather as well as estimates of rain and snow fall far more accurate than the earlier version.

Fortunately, as you can see above, there’s not a lot to see on the radar today, but that could change later this week.  We’ll continue to post updates in the coming days over our threats for severe weather, but for now wanted to say welcome back to the LaCrosse NEXRAD!

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