Drought Only Getting Worse From Here


Our storms did not materialize over much of eastern Iowa yesterday.  Now the attention turns to a new week and the ongoing search for any meaningful rain.  The graphic above is a 4-day computer model run of rainfall.  As you can see, little if any is forecasted to fall anywhere near Iowa.  And we’re not alone.  Large areas of the Upper Midwest are struggling in the latter half of the growing season and it’s beginning to show.

What does this all mean?  The drought conditions that now blanket two-thirds of the state will continue to spread and worsen.  it is possible in the coming days and weeks that we could see the drought reach severe levels, especially in central and western portions of Iowa.  The pattern, simply put, is not changing.  What does that mean for us?  It means more of the same.  Warm conditions and no rain.  All of that is a terrible combination.

Farmers across the state are struggling and, once again, will battle low yields thanks to the hot and dry conditions.  It’s a situation that cost Iowa farmers billions of dollars in 2012 and could cost them a sizeable amount once again in 2013. 

For city dwellers, the signs are all around you, yellow and ugly looking lawns.  Fortunately grass is very resilient, but it’s an eyesore and makes outdoor work and play so much less enjoyable when the ground is so hard and prickly.  It’s not a good time and it’s one that needs to stop.  When will that happen?  I wish we had an answer for you but simply put, we do not.

Not only is rain not in the forecast, but an overall pattern change is no where in sight either.  This means continued above normal temperatures for this time of year, something that will only add to the drought woes. 

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