Derecho Strikes Iowa Before Break From Severe Weather

yesterdayA powerful line of storms slammed into the state Sunday Night into Monday morning.  This bowing section of storms produced multiple reports of winds in excess of 70mph, knocking down trees and power lines in several communities throughout the state.

This phenomena is called a derecho, it’s a large, bowing segment of wind producing severe thunderstorms that travel hundreds of miles.  And that’s exactly what happened on Sunday Night.  Take a look at the graphic to the left, you can see the derecho started in Nebraska before traveling through Iowa, Missouri and ending it’s tear through Illinois.  The black squares designate areas where winds topped the 75mph mark.  The other blue dots show where winds topped 58mph and/or damage was reported.

As you can see, a massive amount of wind reports, dozens of hail reports and one tornado as part of yesterday’s outbreak.  Certainly not what forecasters were originally expecting.  Earlier in the day the primary threat appeared to be tornadoes, but a strong cap prevented thunderstorm development and instead, the Upper Midwest was faced with a late night event, once again.

Looking down the road, things will quiet down here in Iowa as summer kicks into full gear.  Not only will we return to more normal temperatures for this time of year (mid 80’s), but we’ll also soar back into the 90’s as we head into next weekend. Eventually this will break with new waves of showers and thunderstorms, but for now things look quiet for the foreseeable future.

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