Danielle Heading for Bermuda, Earl’s Fate Uncertain

UntitledWhile weather in Iowa remains quiet, things in the Atlantic Ocean are getting ominous.  First, hurricane Danielle is making its way toward Bermuda.  The fourth named storm in the Atlantic is expected to become a major hurricane, but with the help of a Low pressure over the east coast, it should come no where near the United States. 

The storm should pass close enough to Bermuda to cause some problems for the island in the coming days.  But there’s already another storm that’s forming further to the east and at this point looks a bit more threatening to the US mainland.

UntitledTropical system #7 should earn the name Earl later today when it becomes a tropical storm.  Over the next few days the future Earl should become a hurricane.  Unlike Danielle, forecast models do not see a shift to the north anytime soon in this storm’s future.  That’s because the low pressure system near the east coast will move away, opening up a corridor for Earl to travel through.  That may lead it towards the east coast or the Gulf of Mexico.

This is a long ways off, with the storm still at least 10-12 days from land.  But it’s something to keep very close watch of now at the peak of the hurricane season.

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