Damaging Wind Likely Today, Tornadoes Possible

satrisk A cold front will make its way across eastern Iowa today, bringing with it the trigger needed to spark severe thunderstorms in a rapidly destabilizing atmosphere.  Per the Storm Prediction Center’s forecast, there is also the potential of rotating supercells.

torrisk The best area for any tornadic development in our area will come in northeast Iowa.  That’s where a better environment should exist because of its closer proximity to the warm front to our northeast.  If storms can become independent in the early stages of the severe weather event, a tornado or two is possible.

The PRIMARY concern, however, will come in the form of widespread damaging winds.  As the severe threat matures into the evening hours, we expect a line of strong to severe storms to bow through the state bringing the potential for strong winds.

Overall, this event could turn out to be similar to last Tuesday’s wind event.  We will, as always, continue to monitor the situation and prepare for the prospects of a chase this afternoon.  Early guesses as to where we will set up shop? Waterloo.

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