Could This Be A “Megacell?”

2ihm90hYou’ve heard of a supercell.  Well, one storm that was part of Wednesday’s massive tornado outbreak could be called a “Megacell.”  The singular storm cell traveled across four states, and there are still reports that it may have produced a single tornado or a family of tornadoes over a stretch of more than 300 miles.  Something rarely if ever heard of in recorded history.

The image to the left is a composite of radar scans during this particular cell’s life cycle.  You can see the large area it covered all the while producing a tornado or multiple tornadoes.

This morning, Iowa Storm Chasing’s Ben McMillan is continuing his trek through the disaster zone, assisting in the massive effort to document the damage cause by more than 200 tornadoes last week.  His trip will take him into the path this megacell took across the region.

UntitledYou’ll recall this particular cell produced a tornado that tore through several towns, including Tuscaloosa and Birmingham.  It was by far the most documented tornado of this outbreak as it moved through large cities.

Ben is currently capturing what he can from the damage and we hope to post more of his pictures as soon as we get them.  You can also check out the photos he took of the damage one EF-4 tornado did to the town of Ringgold, GA by clicking here.  That tornado left 8 people dead and many others injured.

We’ll continue to follow Ben’s journey across the disaster zone and in the coming days we’ll also bring  you another special announcement about Ben’s next mission once his work in the south is complete.

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