Could 2010 Be a Rainfall Record Breaker?

Although serious flooding has occurred this year, it’s been nothing like what Iowa saw in 1993 or 2008.  But that doesn’t mean 2010 won’t make it into the record books.  Take a look at the table below.  This year, Des Moines has recorded the highest amount of rain from January through August 9th on record.  It will only take a few more inches to break the list of the top 5 wettest years in Des Moines.  Take a look at the table below.  It shows the annual rainfall to date compared to other years at this point.




1. 39.03” 2010
2. 36.32” 2008
3. 35.93” 1993
4. 34.69” 1881
5. 34.51” 1990

And the capital city has plenty of time to threaten the all-time record for rainfall but it’s not a sure thing.  This morning, an additional 1.61” of rain fell in Des Moines putting the city over the 40” mark for rainfall this year.  That puts 2010 at 18th on the all time list with plenty of time to add to this year’s total.  4 more inches would make 2010 the 5th wettest year for Des Moines.  It would still take another 15 inches or so to threaten the all time record.

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