COMPLETE 180: From Drought to Flooding


It has certainly been a volatile few years when it comes to extreme weather across Iowa.  At this time last year, farmers were facing a devastating drought that dragged on for nearly a year, producing triple digit heat and crop-killing dry conditions.

But this year is a completely different story.  Storm system after storm system has rolled through the Upper Midwest, bringing with it heavy rain and severe weather.  All things we saw very little of a year ago.  There are some similarities.  Returning this year is the above average heat.  Only this time, the pattern has shifted to one of not only plentiful storm systems, but slow moving storm systems.  This has produced flooding across many parts of Iowa this Spring.  Now our spring severe weather pattern is giving way to a Summer-time thunderstorm pattern.

Q2RAD_HSR_english_24_20130623_000000_44_000000-104_00000036_000000_1_0_0_1Almost on cue, that’s exactly what has happened, but on an extreme level.  It has been several days since Iowa has stayed dry and it appears it will be several more.  Severe flash flooded has caused damage in northeast Iowa and forced the closure of some areas including campgrounds and parks.  You can see in the graphic the heavy rainfall which hit NE Iowa and Wisconsin last night.

The good news is that it appears any storms that develop tonight will produce heavy rain over areas that can handle it, primarily southern portions of Iowa.  Even so, all this will do is further swell area waterways and make any future heavy rain events that much more dangerous.

Tonight, and into Monday morning, we will monitor the threat for severe weather and heavy rain across southern Iowa and will prepare for a better chance for strong storms later in the day on Monday and into Tuesday.  The pattern shows little evidence of changing as the repeated threats continue through the first half of the week.  Be sure to stay tuned as we continue to monitor the threats around the clock.  And remember you can support our cause any time by clicking on our donate page!

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