COLLISION COURSE: Emily Heading for U.S.?

rb-lThe fifth named storm in the Atlantic this year could be the first to pose a risk to the United States mainland.  Tropical Storm Emily is still hundreds of miles away, but it is set to cross over a number of islands in the Caribbean and steam towards the Florida area.  The image to the left shows a satellite image of the largely disorganized storm system.  By Saturday, it could reach hurricane strength, endangering portions of the east coast.

233014W5_NL_smAt this time current projections bring it close to the southern portion of Florida.  Of course this forecast goes several days out and could change dramatically.  The one bit of good news is that since it’s expected path takes it over so much land before reaching the United States. it will hopefully prevent Emily from reaching major hurricane status.  We’ll continue to monitor the storms track and provide updates throughout the week.

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