Coldest Weather Since 1996

We continue to track the arctic cold that will usher into the state Sunday evening after a cold front pushes though the state. This will likely be the coldest statewide since February of 1996. Below is a couple of charts of what the GFS (blue) model and the National Weather Service (green) are predicting for temperatures and wind chills.

Temperatures for Des Moines Sunday evening through Tuesday afternoon will be below zero, and at times approaching -15°F.


Wind Chill For Des Moines will be approaching -40°F by Monday morning.


Temperatures across the north, like Mason City will be below zero Sunday morning through Wednesday morning. At the peak of the coldest temperatures, temperatures will be approaching -25°F at times. TempMasonCity

Wind chills across the north will be very dangerously cold. Exposure to this type of cold can lead to frost bite in less than 10 minutes. Wind chills will be approaching -50°F by Monday morning and will be below -40°F from Sunday evening through Tuesday afternoon.


Once again, if you are going to be outdoors, make sure to bundle up as it will not take long to get frost bite. We will continue to monitor this bone chilling cold throughout the next few days as we expect wind chill warnings to be issued by Saturday night. When they do become issued, we will post the very latest to our facebook page and right here at

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