Christmas Eve Snow

There may be some hope for a white Christmas for some. The models yesterday began to show a chance for some light snow on Christmas Eve, and they continue to hold this trend today. Above is the latest 12Z GFS which puts down a lights band of snow across the central portion of the state.

Iowa GFS Forecast RainfallLight rain will begin across western Iowa around sunrise Thursday. Temperatures will be warm enough at this time, the rain will continue to be likely through much of the day.

GFS Rain/Snow ForecastAs the system pulls off to the east, cooler air will warp around on the backside, which will transition rain over to snow by Thursday afternoon. This is when the best chance for accumulating snow will occur. The system will pull out of the state between 7pm and 9pm.

GEM Snowfall ForecastThe GEM, which is pictured above, is also picking up on this snow chance. It too picks up on a heavier band of snowfall accumulations near the Omaha to Lincoln Nebraska area like the GFS did.

NAM Snowfall Forecast

Comparing the NAM to the GFS and GEM, the NAM does not believe that we will see enough cold air to transition rain over to snow. This is something to keep an eye on as Thursday approaches if you will be traveling.

Zach Sharpe

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