Chasers Assemble: Outbreak Season Is Upon Us

After a long winter, temperatures are warming and the clash of the air masses is once again upon us.  There has already been the occasional outbreak of severe weather in the US this year, but no major outbreaks.  That could change in the coming days as conditions become more favorable for rapid and violent thunderstorm development.  This threat does not appear to threaten Iowa, but this post is for the greater area that will be the focus for severe thunderstorm development over the next 6 days.

day 2

Career and amateur storm chasers alike will fan out across the Great Plains.  What will they see?  That’s what we’ll be focusing on in these posts.  We’ll begin with Sunday.  As you can see in the graphic above, a small area will serve as the focus for severe thunderstorm development.  A sufficient amount of instability in central Kansas and western Oklahoma will trigger strong to severe thunderstorms.

At this time, a wider severe weather event does not appear likely.  But persons in this area should keep a close watch out for strong, damaging winds and large hail.  An isolated tornado or two will also be possible.

Attention then turns to Monday, for more on that, click here.

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