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Iowa High Temperatures While the warmest of the temperatures were across the southern two thirds of the state today, change will be on the way. Highs across southern Iowa were in the mid to lower 80s. By Friday, highs will only be in the lower 60s. To get there, some things will have to happen.

Convective Outlook Tuesday

A warm front will be lifting across Nebraska and northwest Iowa on Tuesday. This will provide the chance for severe weather across parts of the eastern plains from South Dakota into Nebraska. The greatest threat will be damaging winds, but an isolated tornado threat can not be ruled out. The greatest tornado threat will be across eastern Nebraska and eastern South Dakota. Storms will begin to develop across eastern Nebraska after 3pm and will make their way off to the east.

Iowa FuturecastStorms will then enter into western Iowa shortly after 4pm. This line of storms will continue to push off to the east and will enter into eastern Iowa after 10pm. A cold front will then approach the state by Wednesday. This will then bring another reinforcing shot of rain.

Iowa Convective OutlookThe severe threat will then shift to the south on Wednesday. The greatest severe threat over the next couple of days will occur on Wednesday. This threat will exist from southwest Iowa, southeast Nebraska, northwest Missouri, and Kansas. Within this zone, the greatest severe weather parameters will be across northeast Kansas. The main risks in this slight risk will be, large hail, damaging winds, and an isolated tornado or two.

d13_fillAfter all said and done with the rain by Friday, rainfall totals will be over an inch. The heaviest of the rainfall totals will exist across southern Iowa. This is where rainfall totals will be approaching two inches. After the rain moves out of the state, things will begin to dry out just in time for the weekend. Things will be dry and sunny on Friday, however, they will be breezy and cool. Temperatures will range from the low 60s to the upper 50s. Overnight lows Friday will be in the low 40s across southern Iowa, with the upper 30s across northern Iowa. On top of it, a gusty northwest wind on Friday will make it feel even cooler. So I hope you enjoyed the warmth today, before temperatures cool off by 20 degrees by Friday. Fall is on its way and it is about time! It is about time that we enjoy the festivities that come along with fall. Let me know what you enjoy to do during the fall. Send me a tweet @stormchaserzach or comment on our Facebook page!! Until then, continue to look for all the very latest weather updates on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

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