Catastrophic Severe Weather Event Unfolding Over Southern U.S.

UntitledThere’s no easy way to put it, a major severe weather outbreak forecasted has come true.  Dozens of tornadoes have touched down and caused significant damage to many parts of the southern United States.  After several deaths earlier this week from tornado strikes, more deaths are reported this evening as several rounds of strong storms barrel through many states.  This is a rapidly unfolding situation and we’ll continue to keep an eye on it.  At this hour the tornado count is hovering right around 80, but that number should fall once survey teams fan out.  Even so, this month should go down in the record books. 

Already more people have died in this month from tornadoes than all of 2010.  It’s a very dangerous situation still tonight and all we can do is watch from Iowa and take it all in.  Severe weather season is still in the early months and there is a lot of spring and summer left for the United States.  The pattern looks to remain active in the weeks ahead and it’s only a matter of time before severe weather again threatens Iowa. 

We’ll continue to monitor the latest developments from the southern United States and continue to provide updates as they come in.

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