Bring On the Frost!

fal08_frost_on_grassOctober is here and the big transition from summer to fall is in full effect.  Almost right on schedule, much of Iowa will see its first frost of the season Saturday Night, as temperatures in some areas dip below the freezing level.

This surge of cold air comes behind a cold front dipping from north to south down through the state.  This is bringing some light showers to parts of Iowa tonight and a lot of chilly air and wind behind it.  Temperatures on Saturday will only reach the 50’s and then the bottom drops out Saturday Night.

For people with plants outdoors, this means now is the time to start covering up those plants before the frost hits.   With the exception of far northern Iowa, a killing freeze is not expected at this time.  But with temperatures flirting with the 30 degree threshold, it’s possible in some isolated areas.

Looking at the extended, milder weather will return rather quickly behind this rush of cold air.  Another push of arctic air is not expected for a couple of weeks.  So for now, this weekend’s cold weather does not mean it’s here to stay, but it does send a message that it’s not far off from becoming a daily reality across the Upper Midwest.

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