Boundary Could Play Host to Severe Weather


Now that your eyes are off the skies for last night’s fireworks, it’s time to keep them peeled on a boundary that could be the focal point of a severe weather event Thursday afternoon and evening.  You can see in the graphic above where forecasters expect that frontal boundary to be around the 7pm timeframe on Thursday.  That’s when showers and thunderstorms could fire along the boundary, capable of producing strong winds and large hail.

day1otlk_1200The extent of the severe weather outbreak on Thursday is very uncertain, and many areas could stay dry.  But the potential is there.  To the left you can see the area the Storm Prediction Center has opted for a slight risk on Thursday.  This rain would come as a welcomed sight to many in Iowa as drought conditions continue to spread across the state.

We will monitor today’s threat and provide you updates throughout the day.

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