Blizzard Cleanup: No Day Off in the Car Business


Besides storm chasing I am currently in the car business.  While that doesn’t sound like a job that’s too weather related, you’d certainly be wrong.  Today I arrived at work in Iowa City to find a buried lot.  Others who managed to make it to the dealership long before myself had already put a major dent, but as you can see from the pictures in this post, it certainly was only a fraction of the work that lies ahead.

As you can see, drifts as high as the cars themselves buried many parts of the lot.  To clear everything out, each car has to be moved out of the way so plows can move the snow.  Then the cars have to be moved back in formation.  The process then repeats for each row.  I can tell you, with so much snow it’s not easy to reach the cars, start them, drive them out of the drifts, plow, then move them back in a tight formation.  It’s a long job and it’s not done yet.

Fortunately with the help of some heavy equipment we made some headway during the afternoon hours.  But we’ll be out there again tomorrow, braving the bitter temperatures and wind chills to get the lot in as good of shape as possible. 

DSC03007There was one bit of preemptive action we took the night before as the snow began to fall.  With a service drive, service shop and detail department all quiet, the team managed to cram dozens of cars indoors.  This allowed us to put them right back out on the lot the minute the snow was cleared out of the way, saving a lot of driving usually needed when removing snow in the area.

Of course there are many other jobs like this, disrupted by the weather and forcing employees to brave the elements to make everything right again.  If you have stories and pictures like this, feel free to send them to [email protected]  In the meantime, you can see the rest of my photos from today’s day in the snow by going to our facebook fan page.

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