Bitter Cold to Rain?

00Could it be possible that we go from dangerous cold to rain? We now have our attention on a storm system that will move across northern Missouri, bringing us the chance for some precipitation during the afternoon hours on Friday. The evening GFS model runs have increased precipitation totals and the state is now in the warm sector. What this translates to is all this precipitation that is showing up in the image to the left, would all fall as rain and a lot of it. The GFS is putting out totals of over three quarters of an inch in southeast Iowa. The NAM model doesn’t go out far enough yet to pick up on this system, however, it will start to pick up on it as we move forward in the coming hours. By later this evening we should start to be able to compare it with the NAM and start to make some predictions.

soundingRight now we are just barley warm enough that all of this would fall as liquid, but a few degrees cooler we could be looking at some freezing rain/wintery mix combination. This will need to be monitored closely as we are flirting with the freezing line. It should be pointed out that we are still over 84 hours away from this system so a lot will continue to change from run to run, but we will continue to keep an eye on this for you and will bring you the very latest right here at

Zach Sharpe

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