Better Set Up to Catch a Tornado Before Dark

Storm development Sunday was not robust, due in large part to a cap that simply was not overcome in many places.  Today that same problem is expected to, again, limit the ability of storms to fire across portions of Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas.  But at the storm’s center, in eastern Colorado and western Kansas, we do expect a system to take shape.


The graphic above shows the bulls eye our team will focus on today.  This portion of eastern Colorado and northwest Kansas is where the greatest chance lies for tornadoes to develop.  Yesterday the primary threat came from large hail, and today and tonight will likely be no different.

In fact, although a low risk for tornadoes is in place for portions of southwest Iowa, we expect to be very remote.  The greater threat will come after sunset as additional storms develop along a frontal boundary draped across Iowa.  This could produce a few storms capable of large hail.

But again, the primary focus is out west.  Once again our chase team will be in the thick of it and will bring you LIVE COVERAGE as the storms fire later this afternoon.

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