Beggars Night Rain

Iowa Beggars Night Forecast

By The clouds will be on the increase by this afternoon as rain will be moving through the state late tonight into early Saturday morning. By 7pm rain will still be outside of the state, so if you are trick-or-treating this evening, your candy will not be getting wet.

Iowa Trick Or Treat ForecastRain will not begin to enter the state until 8:30 to 9pm. By 11pm, rain will be falling across much of central and western Iowa.

Iowa Trick Or Treat Forecast

By midnight to 1am, rain will begin to fall across eastern Iowa. Eventually by sunrise Saturday, the rain will be moving out of the state. If you will be heading to Iowa City Saturday morning for game, tailgating early Saturday morning might be a little wet, but the game will be dry.

Iowa Rainfall ForecastRain will be on the light side, with rainfall accumulations only adding up to a tenth of an inch to a quarter of an inch. The clouds will then start to clear out by Saturday afternoon, and temperatures will be on the rise by the start of next week.

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