April Showers & Nothing Else

rain-dropsWe are approaching the middle of April and we’ve seen plenty of showers, but little in the way of warmth and instability.  In fact on two occasions, our April showers took the form of SNOW showers.  Long range models are not seeing a dramatic shift in this pattern anytime soon, therefore this season is starting as slow as last year.  Admittedly this is not what I expected but  that’s why weather remains so mysterious.

In the meantime, a bit of public relations and house cleaning.  Working on cleaning out and organizing some stuff today.  Earlier this week I gave a school talk at Independence High School.  Lot of good questions and a good reminder of the confusion some people have about severe weather.  It appears no one doesn’t know what they are supposed to do to stay safe, but there needs to be some better explanation of some of the terminology those of us in the business use and sometimes forget are not common.

One  bit of good news before chase season begins, received some new html code that will allow me to do some very exciting things on this site as we move deeper into spring.  I’m hopeful this will give me reason to send this site to a private domain in hopes of some minor ad tweaks to generate some revenue.  Whether that is possible remains to be seen.

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