Another Threat Over the Same Area

Untitled Well folks, here we go again, a slight risk of severe weather threatens much of eastern Iowa.  Once again the threat comes from a cold front expected to sweep through the region but there are some differences this time.

A preceding warm front will drape across parts of Minnesota and northeast Iowa this afternoon.  This could (much like Friday) become the focal point for severe thunderstorm development.  Parameters are there for all modes of severe weather, but with timing and placement of the fronts still in question, the Storm Prediction Center has gone with a very “low end” slight risk.

How this will play out is just as unpredictable as Friday was.  We could see supercells, a few rogue hail producers or a line of storms producing damaging wind.  There is no one threat that, at this point, appears greater than the others.

While the prospects of a chase appear slim today, we will continue to monitor the situation in case conditions deteriorate.

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