Another Threat of Summer-Like Severe Weather Tonight

day1otlk_2000Once again, the conditions don’t match the calendar.  Iowa is dealing with a persistent storm system that is behaving more like the type normally seen in late July or August.  A warm front is draped across the state today, serving as a boundary between a drier air mass and a muggy conditions to the south.  This front will continue to flounder over the state tonight.  To the left you can see the area highlighted in yellow where a threat for severe storms exists between now and 7am on Monday.

There is a minimal threat some strong to severe thunderstorms could develop over Iowa this afternoon, but it appears an atmospheric cap is holding for the time being.  As of 5pm, showers and thunderstorms are developing in central Iowa, but so far none have been able to break the cap.

Tonight, especially after sunset, that should change.  Showers and thunderstorms are expected to fire sometime after 10pm across the state.  Large hail is possible but the primary threats are strong, damaging winds and heavy rain.  These storms should continue to produce severe weather, if they develop, into the early morning hours of Monday.

We’ll continue to monitor this threat during the evening hours and bring you the very latest as it comes in.

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