Another Storm Worth Watching

There’s another storm system that we will be keeping our eyes on that will impact some part of the state by the end of the weekend. With this storm system still being several days away, there still remains quite a bit of uncertainty. So while many of you will want to know the typical, “how much will I get in my backyard” question, our answer will be stay tuned for more details in the coming days.

That being said, all of the long range models have continuously shown a rather large storm system, which is why we are even mentioning it. And also the fact that every news outlet out there has talked about it in some capacity. A low-pressure system will move out of the Oklahoma panhandle region, and will track across northern Missouri and on up into eastern Iowa/western Illinois.

Depending on this track, some of us in the state will see accumulating snow. Just how much heavily depends on the track. Temperatures initially appear to be above freezing across much of the state, so rain and freezing rain will also be thrown into the equation.  Based on model trends over the last few days, the greatest chances for accumulating snow will be across northwest Iowa.

This system will will make travel difficult by Sunday afternoon and on into Monday. So if you have travel plans, especially across the northwest part of the state, you will want to monitor the weather closely. Download our Storm Hunter WX app from the app store to track the latest updates regarding this system. And as always, look for the latest updates right here at and on our Facebook and Twitter pages!

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