Another Round of Life Threatening Weather for the Eastern U.S.

day1otlk_1630A very trying time continues to plague parts of the United States as a large storm system produces more severe weather today.  Forecasters continue to watch a large complex of violent storms that are affecting many states.  Although a high risk forecast for severe weather is rare, we’ve seen numerous such forecasts this week that have unfortunately come true.  Dozens of tornadoes this week have killed a number of people.

This pattern does not appear to be stopping, although there is hope the country will get a break in the days ahead.  But that shouldn’t last long as wave after wave pushes across the U.S. from the Pacific Ocean. 

We’ll continue to monitor today’s severe weather reports and plan to bring you more in the hours and days ahead.  With the ongoing severe weather it’s been impossible for investigators to go out and determine the intensity of tornadoes that have formed this week.  Hopefully we’ll see some peaceful conditions so the experts can go out and do just that.

We’ll also take a look at the latest statistics for what is shaping up to be the most violent April on weather for severe weather. 

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