Another Major Problem in the Atlantic

rb-lSeems like we’ve seen a lot of big storms in the Atlantic in the best way possible.  I mean they don’t cause major problems over land.  That trend may or may not continue with Hurricane Igor.  You can see a very pronounced eye in the latest satellite imagery this morning.  The storm is still more than a week away from affecting much of anything but forecasters predict Igor will reach major hurricane status during this week.

By midweek, the forecast calls for Igor’s sustained winds to top 130mph, making it a category 4 storm on the Saffir Simpson scale.  This is an extremely dangerous storm that needs to be closely watched in the days to come.

083714W5_NL_smAs for the future of this storm, that remains uncertain.  A ridge should break down allowing the storm to take a turn to the west northwest.  You can see that in the graphic to the right.  I would stress that although that could mean good things for the east coast, until better reconnaissance flights are conducted, it will be difficult to determine an accurate track for this storm more than 48 hours out.

Much like Hurricane Earl, this could turn into a close call and bears some watching.

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