All The Colors of the Rainbow Over Iowa

iowa_asos_highHave you ever seen so many colors on a temperature map in such a short space?  It’s not very often this happens, but after all, it is Spring.  A warm front moved into Iowa today, bringing with it a surge of warm air.  On top of that, cloud cover lingered over much of eastern and northern Iowa.  As a results, some areas struggled to reach 50 degrees, while southwest Iowa baked under temperatures that reached 90 degrees.

Quite the temperature swing for our little state.  Look at the graphic to the left and you can really see the difference on this color chart from Iowa Mesonet.  It will certainly not look like this tomorrow as the front continues to push through and just about everyone gets in on the expected record breaking warmth.  Temperatures will moderate a bit as we head into next week but still well above normal. 

No real organized threat for severe weather in the near future, but thought today’s temperatures were certainly worth a post.  If nothing else to highlight the power of a few clouds versus a lot of sun.

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