All Quiet on the Iowa Front

DSC06008After a day filled with rain, it might sound weird to lead a story with that title.  But when it comes to severe weather, Iowa is getting an extended break from any threats after last weekend’s tornado outbreak.  Things will briefly cool down on the backside of all this rain.  Then a brief warm up with a chance here or there of some rain.  But not much else.

A ridge is expected to set up shop limiting our chances of any organized thunderstorms.  How long this setup will stick around remains to be seen.  There are some indications it could break down sometime next week.  This pattern with very little to discuss comes as we enter one of the most active periods of the year.  But right now there are no clear warning signs on the horizon for Iowa.  In the meantime, we’ll be working to fine tune a few things here on the website if anything changes in the forecast, we’ll certainly pass it along to you.

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