All Eyes on A Warm Front


I trust everyone can forgive me for my children’s doodle above.  That was my attempt to roughly illustrate the position of a warm front that’s remained relatively stationary this morning.  And that’s a problem.

See it was expected by this afternoon, this front would be well on its way through Iowa and into Minnesota.  As a result, much of Iowa was expected to avoid the threat of severe weather this afternoon and evening.  Now… that is not the case.

day1otlk_1630The graphic to the right shows the new expanded risk area forecasted by the Storm Prediction Center.  It is still expected that this front will begin pushing north into Iowa and will have the capability of producing strong to severe thunderstorms.  At this time the primary threats appear to be large hail and strong damaging winds.  But an isolated tornado or two cannot be ruled out.  Another factor we’ll have to watch out for if this front continues its sluggish ways is the potential for heavy rainfall.  While that’s something desperately needed in Iowa, it also can produce flash flooding so we’ll keep an eye out for that.

As I said yesterday, this is a bit of a tricky and complex forecast and it’s not going quite as scripted so we’re monitoring the situation very closely and will bring you further updates as needed.  If the conditions continue to worsen, we will launch live coverage on our live page here at  and remember.  You can submit photos any time to [email protected]

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