ALERT: Widespread Outbreak Expected Today & Tonight

After days of marginal severe weather threats, our chase team is in North Texas this morning preparing for the “main event” of the week.  A significant tornado threat is taking shape over a large area.  Today’s focus will be on the Texas and Oklahoma areas.


First off, here in Iowa we can expect showers and thunderstorms to continue for much of the day.  In the graphic above you can see the threat for Iowa and much of the central United States.  In Iowa, strong winds appear to be the biggest threat, but there is a potential for tornadoes in the southeastern quadrant of the state.


Further to the south, the threat of a tornado outbreak is real today.  You can see that threat in the tornado risk graphic above. A warm and unstable air mass is moving into the Great Plains today.  In portions of Texas and Oklahoma, isolated supercells are expected to fire this afternoon.  Wind profiles are very supportive of violent thunderstorm development.  These storms would be capable of strong damaging winds, very large hail and tornadoes, some of which could be strong.

As the evening progresses, we expect a large squall line to develop across several states, heightening the wind threat overnight over a large area, possibly including Iowa.

We plan to bring you extensive coverage of today’s threat.  Our Ben McMillan and his team are chasing in the Texas / Oklahoma region.  You can see his live feed later today here.

Because of the serious nature of today’s threat, the Storm Prediction Center has posted a video briefing, which you can watch here.

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