AFTERNOON UPDATE: Snow Still on Track

wx weather advisoryThis afternoon, things are still looking good for a measurable snowfall over a good portion of the state.  As a result, a Winter Weather Advisory will go into effect over much of central Iowa from 9pm Tuesday Night to 9am Wednesday Morning.  There are indications snow may start a little earlier than 9pm, but the heaviest snowfall should fall during this time period.

The biggest concern with this snowfall will be the fact that it’s the first of the season.  Often, the most accidents occur with the first snow fall because people simply forget to take the necessary precautions when traveling in this type of weather.

pm radarTaking a look at radar trends over the past couple hours, it appears the moisture transport is still on par with the current forecast as we prepare for a changeover to snow over some areas tonight.  This still puts central Iowa in the primary snow area. 

In the radar image to the right taken early this afternoon, you can see the rain bands moving up from the southwest, heading right for central Iowa.

Further to the east, additional rain bands will affect eastern Iowa, producing sizeable rainfall totals.  Some light snow is possible over eastern Iowa and needs to be monitored, but no major problems are expected at this time.

48hourforecastsnowfallWhen all is said and done, 2-4” totals are likely over central Iowa, with locally higher amounts possible as well.  We will continue to monitor the trends and are working to set up some form of coverage, most likely early Wednesday morning.  We are efforting to get some live pictures from our storm chase network in central Iowa and may launch a live chat if needed. 

If you capture pictures of the snow this evening or tomorrow, you can always share them with us by emailing them to [email protected]

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