After Long Break, Threat Returns to Iowa


It’s been a long time since we’ve had something to talk about.  In fact, after 7 straight days of severe weather threats in Iowa, we’ve gone nearly two weeks with very little to discuss.  But that changes, a little, today.

As you can see in the graphic above, the Storm Prediction Center has posted a slight risk for much of western Iowa today.  This threat is primarily for strong winds, large hail and an isolated tornado or two at most.

Thunderstorms could start developing later this afternoon and into the evening hours.  The greatest threat for severe weather today lies well southwest of Iowa, in portions of Nebraska and Kansas.  Even so, a threat exists and people living in western Iowa need to be aware of that today and tonight.

Because of stabilizing conditions later this evening, the threat for a prolonged period of severe weather remains extremely low.  While thunderstorms may continue into the evening and overnight hours, the chances of an ongoing severe threat is almost non-existent.

We will be monitoring tonight’s events but at this time do not anticipate the need for any live coverage.  We will also monitor the threat of additional storms on Sunday, however at this time that threat appears somewhat marginal.

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