Active Week Ahead: Light Freezing Rain Thursday Morning

The remainder of the week, and on into the weekend looks to remain very active with multiple chances of rain, and even the potential for a little light freezing rain. A warm front will be lifting north through the state Thursday, but ahead of this front, below freezing surface temperatures and light precipitation could create light freezing rain across northern Iowa. As energy ejects out the Southwest, showers and thunderstorms will increase, transitioning any freezing precipitation over to all rain.

This warm front will stall out across northern Iowa by Thursday night. We will be looking at a long duration precipitation event as warm, moist air continues to stream into Iowa with several rounds of showers and thunderstorms expected. Rain will be expected from Thursday through Sunday, with a brief break Sunday, before another system brings additional chances of rainfall beginning Monday. While there will be multiple chances for rain, it will not be a continuous rain.

Iowa rainfall forecast

Rainfall totals across the state will exceed an inch, with some areas possibly receiving over two inches. This will cause a rise in water levels in streams and rivers, especially in areas that are already high.

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Zach Sharpe

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