Active Weather Ramps Up Heading Into Easter Weekend

day2otlk_0600After a long stretch of cool weather and even several inches of snow in some parts of the state, the threat of severe weather will make a return to potions of Iowa tomorrow.  The Storm Prediction Center has issued a slight risk for severe weather over parts of southern Iowa.  This is the area where strong thunderstorms are expected to develop along a warm front during the afternoon and evening hours on Friday.

There are still some concerns over the final track of this storm system.  If the storm takes a southerly track, severe weather could be limited to portions of Missouri.  But if the storms turns to the north, parts of Iowa could see strong winds, large hail and a tornado or two.  Either way, this kicks off a new round of active weather for the Upper Midwest.  A number of waves of energy are expected to pass through the central United States.  Although a final track on these storms is currently impossible to forecast, it appears likely that the next week or two will see many rounds of severe weather outbreaks stretching from Texas to Minnesota.  The only questions now is where each one will wind up.

day2probotlk_0600_anyKeeping our attention on Friday, storms should begin to fire near the center of the storm system and along the warm front trailing to the east of the low pressure center.  This is the area we’ll be monitoring for tornadic development.  Although the threat does not appear as organized as some recent outbreaks to our south, it does bear some serious watching in the hour ahead.  Another problem in determining the final track of this storm is the impact early morning storms on Friday might have on the atmosphere’s ability to recharge in time for another round.  At this time it appears the bulk of the severe weather should remain south of Iowa, but some storms could trickle into southeast Iowa.  The greatest tornado threat will likely stay in portions of eastern Missouri and southern Illinois.

We are currently planning on a chase for Friday.  We’ll work on bringing you another update on this threat later this afternoon and will launch live coverage on Friday if needed from the road.

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