Active Weather Just Won’t Quit


Had enough yet? If you live in eastern Iowa the threat is not over, but also far from a certainty. The Storm Prediction Center has eastern Iowa in a slight risk for severe weather. This as a strong cold front makes its way across the state.

As that happens, strong to severe thunderstorms are expected to fire by mid afternoon. When and if that happens, all modes of severe weather will be possible. At this early hour there are a lot of variables in place. The usual wind concerns, how strong shearing winds will be aloft and how much the atmosphere will destabilize.

All of that should eventually break down and storms will fire. The real question now is how early can that occur and how long before the storms cross the Mississippi River into Iowa. At this time, I feel storms need to get going relatively quickly this afternoon across eastern Iowa to pose a widespread threat. However, extreme eastern Iowa could face a threat into the early evening hours, before the hope is that threat shifts further to the east.

The tornado streak is officially over in Iowa, and an active weather pattern is now in place. We want to personally thank the thousands of you who followed our coverage during yesterday’s storms and sharing your pictures with us. Remember you can always share your photos at [email protected] and be sure to like us on Facebook!

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