Active Pattern Continues Both Nationally and Here at Home

day3otlk_0730It didn’t take long for cooler weather to return after Sunday’s severe weather event.  It’s a far cry from the sudden and impressive rush of warm air Iowans saw before the cold front swept through.  This kind of hot then cold pattern is a hallmark of this time of year.  This ongoing clash of the air masses also brings us many chances for strong storms.  This pattern is set to continue for the foreseeable future.

Our first threat for strong storms comes on Thursday as storms develop to the south and push north into Iowa.  As you can see in the graphic to the right you can see a slight risk already exists just south of the state.  The potential for severe weather here in Iowa on Thursday appears minor at this time with the primary threat being a storm or two capable of producing 1” diameter hail or larger.  Not exactly an exciting prospect for storm chasers but something to keep an eye on.

day48probOur unsettled weather continues with another good chance of strong storms Saturday night and Sunday.  Looking specifically at Sunday, there are signs of a classic springtime severe weather outbreak that will affect Iowa. 

Take a look at the graphic to the left.  You can see a large risk area already posted 6 days in advance.  At this time there are some strong signs that this could turn into one of the more prominent April severe weather outbreaks.  Forecasters with the National Weather Service are citing a handful of outbreaks over the past decade that they believe this outbreak could look like.  As the storm system passes through, strong storms could develop both late Saturday night and again Sunday afternoon as a larger outbreak develops.

It’s an intriguing scenario and one that we’ll watch very closely.  There is still a lot of time left before the system takes place and arrives so of course there is a lot that can still change between now and then.  We’ll continue to monitor the latest trends and provide updates throughout the week.

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