Active Gulf Produces TS Debby


The hurricane season is not even a week old, and already the Atlantic has produced four named storms.  Not a promising sign of things to come.  The one of concern right now is tropical storm Debby.  The storm is expected to remain off the coast, turn west and head for Texas.  By then it should become at least a Category 1 hurricane.  The forecast is somewhat muddled right now and the intensity of this storm will need to be closely monitored.

The waters of the gulf are very warm and there’s a lot of energy this storm has to play with.  Any deviation from its expected track could greatly alter the intensity forecast.  Remember, Hurricane Katrina, started off the coast of Florida.  It doesn’t take long for these storms to gain intensity if the right conditions are in place.  We’ll continue tracking this storm and have updates throughout the week as it draws closer to the coast.

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