Broken Record: Another Chance for Severe Weather


Over the past few days we have seen thunderstorms develop in the late afternoon and last through the morning hours. This pattern doesn’t look like it will be letting up until we reach mid week. Today the whole state of Iowa is under a slight risk for severe storms.

This morning we have seen some thunderstorms across the state and these will continue to push out of the state by mid morning. Depending how fast theses storms and clouds stick around in the state, this may inhibit widespread severe thunderstorm development later on. That is the main forecasting concern that we have have this morning. Will see see enough sunlight for storms to become severe later on this afternoon? If the sun does peak out later this morning or afternoon, then it is possible that we could see widespread severe storms later tonight.  If we do not see the return of the sun, then we will see very isolated severe storms due to the lack of instability.

Main risks with storms that do become severe later on this afternoon are large hail and damaging wind gusts. The tornado threat is very low today due to the widespread difference in temperatures and dew point temperatures. Because of this, cloud bases will be too high for any tornado development. We will continue to track any severe weather development this afternoon and will bring you the very latest on facebook and right here at

Zach Sharpe

My name is Zach Sharpe. I am the president and forecaster for the Iowa Storm Chasing Network. You can find me on Twitter @Stormchaserzach and on Facebook at:

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