Accumulating Snow By The Weekend?

The confidence on snow potential for Friday night into Saturday is beginning to increase, and it appears that there could be some light accumulations across the northern half of the state. While confidence is increasing, there still remains a bit of uncertainty in the timing, track, and temperature around the system.

The first item of uncertainty is the ground temperatures. As of Tuesday afternoon, four inch soil temperatures ranged from the mid 40’s across northern Iowa, to the mid 50’s across southeast Iowa. This will play a very large factor when it comes to snowfall accumulation. To overcome these warm ground temperatures, the snow would have to fall at a decent clip.

Iowa Snowfall Forecast

Another factor will be the temperatures Friday. A couple of degrees in either direction could mean more rain than snow, or more snow than rain. The timing and track of this system will play a role into the temperature uncertainty, and will also play a role into how long the snow will stick around. A slow movement, means the snow will stick around longer, which could mean more accumulation, or a fast movement, would mean a lot less snowfall accumulation.

All in all, snow showers do appear likely Friday into Saturday. What still remains up in the air, is just how much will accumulate, if any. At this current time, it does appear that some minor accumulations do appear possible, but mainly in grassy areas, reminding everyone that winter is right around the corner.

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