A Third Storm in the Atlantic’s Future?

UntitledWith Danielle expected to skirt by Bermuda in the coming days and uncertainty still lingering over Earl’s track, a third storm might soon take shape off the coast of Africa.  First the good news, so far computer models do not have Hurricane Danielle or Tropical Storm Earl coming anywhere near a major land mass.  Earl still has a long way to go and could track further south, putting portions of the east coast in its path.  But there remains little chance of that scenario actually taking place.

Further to the west is another area of storms over the Atlantic that stands a good chance of forming the 6th named storm of the year.  Were that to happen, we would see Tropical Storm Fiona named in the next few days.  Of course the weather pattern over the eastern seaboard over the next couple weeks will play a crucial role in the path of any additional storms after Danielle and Earl.

gfs_slp_114mHere in Iowa, things remain about as perfect as one could hope for in late August.  Comfortable temperatures and low humidity have given many a chance to open their windows and let a nice fresh breeze blow through their home that doesn’t jack up the electric bill.  Rain will finally return to the forecast by the middle of next week.  Right now there are no indications this rain will produce severe weather. 

Just a humble guess, I feel our threat for organized severe weather is all but gone for a while, until the often talked about “second season” of severe weather in the Midwest.  Bottom line, we need more cold air to produce a good severe weather event.  That could come in September, October or even November.  Something to think about in the long term but for now we can only enjoy this great weather.

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