A Much Needed Dry Spell

After all the rain and rounds of storms over the last couple of weeks, it’s time for some real summer time weather to set it.  Warm and dry conditions will persist for most if not all of the coming week across Iowa.  This is very welcomed news as area rivers, especially in central Iowa are reporting major flooding.  In some areas, records could fall.  The good news is no major flooding problems are expected right now in heavily populated areas.

One thing to watch out for, Saylorville Lake in central Iowa is reportedly forecast to rise over its spillway.  KCCI-TV reports engineers will use inflatable gates above the spillway.  They believe that will be enough to hold the water back until the level drops later this week. 

avn-lOur next weather maker to watch out for could be the first tropical storm in the Atlantic.  Alex is forecasted to become a hurricane before making landfall somewhere along the western Gulf Coast.  At this time it appears the storm will avoid areas affected by the growing oil spill.  But because that area will be on the east side of the storm is bears some watching.

storm_01After Alex makes landfall, a number of forecast models are predicting the remnants will pass over or just south of Iowa.  If that were to happen we could see an extended period of rainfall.  Alex isn’t supposed to make landfall for severe days so this track and timing could change dramatically over the next 72 hours.

In the meantime, enjoy some very seasonable weather for this time of year as highs in the 80’s and lows in the 50’s and 60’s will be a welcomed break from the extreme heat and humidity of the last few days.

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