A Mid-Week Reprieve From the Rain?

day1probotlk_1200_windWith the massive amount of rain that hit parts of Iowa overnight, much of the state is in dire need of some dry weather.  There is some hope Wednesday could bring us a drier period of weather, but not for long.  Right now the Storm Prediction Center is not forecasting any severe weather threat for Iowa today.  The one concern is an isolated strong wind gust or two, especially during these early morning hours as the overnight storm system moves out of the area.

Unfortunately this break does not translate into a break from our hot and humid stretch.  Oppressive heat will continue, with many parts of the state experiencing a heat index well into the triple digits.  The National Weather Service continues to issue a Heat Warning for a large part of central and western Iowa.  With all that heat and humidity more storms will return to Iowa relatively soon.

day2otlk_0600More storms and the heavy rain they bring are possible Thursday Night.  The Storm Prediction Center has already posted a slight risk for western parts of Iowa.  All in all shaping up to be another late night event on Thursday.  So for now we’ll hope for a good night’s sleep on Wednesday before may have to do another late night of coverage all over again.  More chances remain in the forecast until Saturday, when this pattern finally breaks and we not only get a break from the ran but the heat and humidity as well.  As for the ongoing risks, we’ll keep on eye on the new model runs today and post any updates needed later today,

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