A Meeting of the Minds Before the Chase Begins

Des_Moines,_Iowa_skyline_after_Dark_-_pathawks With spring now officially here, preparations continue for the coming severe weather season.  For me, that’s meant preparing a bevy of new equipment.  New vehicle, new tools and new method of relaying information.

It’s been a long and tedious process but I’m hopeful it will all pay off.  Now it’s time to meet some colleagues of the weather road and share some information.  Beginning Thursday, I’ll be in Des Moines for the Central Iowa Severe Storms and Doppler Radar Conference.

conference_logo_14 It’s the first time I’ve attended this event in 8 years and it’s long overdue.  It’s a chance for people in the weather field to share valuable information gathered from the past year and also test our skills when it comes to forecasting and tracking severe weather.

tim samaras There are a number of high points I’m looking forward to and also plan to write about from Des Moines later this week.  One key presentation comes Thursday Night when storm chaser Tim Samaras shares some of the highlights of his 2009 chase.  Samaras is one of the chasers featured on the Discovery Channel Program “Storm Chasers.”

Other highlights of the conference include an update on the second and final season of Project Vortex-2, a government funded storm chase armada hoping to study tornadoes like never before.

6493_108509388255_75982018255_2140235_3204365_n The most serious weather we captured last year will also be the focus of discussion this year. KCRG-TV 9’s Justin Gehrts will discuss the destructive hail storm that hit northeast Iowa in July, 2009.  If you go to our facebook fan page you’ll see plenty of photos and video from that event that’ we’ll take to the conference.

Overall, it’ll be a jam packed three day conference in Des Moines and I hope to bring as much to you as possible both here on the blog and on the facebook fan page starting Thursday afternoon.

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